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Student Registration (Full courses not Workshops)

To register as student, please complete the form. Note that by completing this form, you agree to the Declaration. All fields MUST be completed correctly.


Exam Options (Student can choose)

1. Exams done at our Training Facility (In Class Training only) and must be paid and booked in advance. Student must pass with 85%. R200 per single course. (Certificate will indicate Exams Passed with %)

2. Assignments (E-Learning students only) - same as Exams, done online. Student has to pass with 80%. Practical Online Assignments must be booked and will be conducted on Teams/Skype. R200 per single course

Payment Methods:
1. Link to pay your course directly - no delays -

2. EFT (please use Cell Number as reference) - Email POP to
** PLEASE NOTE FOR BANK DEPOSIT OR ATM DEPOSIT A FEE IS CHARGED. Student will be invoiced for the fees after payment.

3. Add item to Cart, do payment (directly from the website)



  • EFT Payments

Nail Tales & Beauty
FNB Buss Acc: 63020008058
Branch 250655

**Use your cellphone number as reference

Email POP to


  • Cash Deposit Payments (at ATM)

J Erasmus 

FNB Acc: 62912739763

**Use your cellphone number as reference

Email POP to

Select Branch for your Training
I hereby declare that all the above information given by me is a correct and truthful account of my records and personal details & understand that Full Payment is required for all courses before I can be registered as student.
I agree to complete full course/s and that no refunds are allowed
Exams are done at the training facility and payable 10 days prior to Exam Date. Exam Fees R200 per single course
Upload ID Copy
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