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* Training Process

The courses are presented by way of Video - Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype together with in depth Training Manuals sent via e-mail. 

If you do not have access to the Video Call Option, student can request a Memory Stick with Video Application Steps. R120 per stick

Video Call Training - All courses has 1 day Theory & 3 days Video Training. Extra Video training days can be booked - R150/per day.


1. Skype / Zoom Calls on PC - Student must have access to Internet
2. Skype / Zoom Calls on Phone/Tablet - student must have access to Internet or Data

3. Video Call whatsapp/Facetime - student must have Data

* Your Responsibilities
1. To plan your studies & manage your time effectively 
2. You will receive an example Study Plan to guide you on how to plan your studies & time properly.
3. You don’t attend daily classes, however you can book 1 full day Practical Training with us to ensure you are on track. Cost R100
4. You learn from a distance & you connect to us via whatsapp or email or direct telephone contact
5. Student will do assignments (can be emailed, hand delivered, posted or couriered)
6. You will need models (family or friends) lined up to perform the practical work on



1. E-LEARNING A - Study from Home.

    Kit will be provided

2. E-LEARNING B - Study from Home.

     Student has own kit

3. Full Payment on all courses


You are free to ask any questions with regards to your course, whether it be in relation to the courses you are studying, setting up your business, purchasing your products etc.

Most products are available in-store.

1. All fees upfront to be registered & receive kit/manual for E-Learning Option A (Beauty Course Page).

Courier delivery fee will be on final invoice for student to be paid.

* E-Learning B full payment upfront for option with own kit.

2. Assignments must be paid before student submits (email/hand delivery/post/courier)

3. Assignment Fees R200 per course. If a combo course is selected, fee will be R100x amount of courses in the combo

4. Payments via EFT or Bank Deposit. Hard Copy proof of Payment to be emailed or sent via whatsapp.

5. Upon confirmation of your payment you will receive an email to confirm your payment & registration with your student number. 

* Assignment Requirements


1. Student will get 2 Assignments per Course 

2. Assignment 1 - Study & Learn the theory. Student must reach minimum requirements for Assignment 1 before handing in 2nd Assignment. 

3. Assignment 2 - Practical Work - will consist of 5 x before & after pictures of clients on your Practice Sheet

4. Student Practice Sheet must be completed & handed in with 1st Assignment Submission 

5. If for any reason you do not pass an Assignment, you are free to re-submit. 3 Attempts allowed. 

6. Assignments must be fully completed within 24 months from date of Application to assure course does not expire

7. Once your final Assignment was passed successfully, your Certificate of Completion will then be posted to you.

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