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  • Relaxing Pedicure Treatments incl Gel Toes
  • Does not include previous Gel to be soaked off
  • Should you need a soak of previous Gel, add Gel Soak off Service


Treatments incl Wash, Scrub, Massage, Toenail Cut, ingrown toenail treatment & Gel Toes


  • Reflexology (treatment only - no Pedicure, but can add Gel Toes/Soak off or any Pedi below) - stress and relaxation, pain management, digestion, eyestrain, improved sleep
  • Hotstone Pedi - Improved circulation. Relief from pain. Reduced stress. Detoxification. Boosted energy levels. Improved sleep. Improved flexibility.
  • Paraffin Pedi - Assist in keeping your feet hydrated in the colder months, helps to retain moisture during the dryer summer season. It is particularly effective for those who often get calluses to help in removing dead skin, and healing dry patches
  • 4-in-1 Charcoal Pedi - Black Charcoal Purifying Soak, Scrub, Masque & Massage Cream helps diminish calluses, exfoliates dry skin and reveals polished and smooth feet.
  • Plain Jane Pedi - Budget Pedi
  • Callus Treatment (incl pedi) - Improved foot health: remove dead skin cells, calluses, and corns, which can prevent infections, ingrown toenails, and cracked heels. This is especially important for people with diabetes or other conditions that affect circulation.


Pedis incl, soak, wash, scrub, toenail cut, gel toes & massage

Pedicures Specialised Treatments

PriceFrom R35,00


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