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* Training Process

All courses has 1 day Theory & 2-3 days Practical Training. Extra training days can be booked - R150/per day

* Your Responsibilities
1. To attend class on the days

2. Bring your Kit, training

     manual & notebook to class
3. Hand in Student Practice

    Sheet before Exams


* To Register for In-Class Training

1. Apply online 
2. Application can be emailed to student
3. Student can apply at the Training Facility

STUDY OPTION CHOICES (In Class Training only)

1. In Class Training with the following Options:

1.1 Receive an Certificate of Attendance after completion of Course

1.2 Receive a Certificate after Completion & Passing of Exams

* Payment Options

1. All fees upfront to reserve your

2. Exams payable 7 days prior to

     Exam Date
3. Exam Fees R200 per course.

     Combo Course Exam Fees

     R200x total courses in combo
4. Payments via EFT or Bank Deposit.

     (Hard Copy proof of Payment to be

     emailed or sent via whatsapp)
5. Upon confirmation of your

     payment you will receive an email

     to confirm your payment &

     registration with your student


* Exam Requirements

1. Exams must be booked 7 days

     prior to Exam Date
2. Student Practice Sheet must be

     handed in 7 days prior to Exam

3. Practical Exam
 Day 1

     Theory Exam Day 2
4. Study Option Choices will

     determine #3 & 4 above
5. Once your final exam was passed       successfully, your Certificate will

     be posted to you or you can

     collect at the Training Facility

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